BGP ServerΒΆ

BGP uses TCP as its transport protocol, by default listens on port 179. OpenDaylight BGP plugin is configured to listen on port 1790, due to privileged ports restriction for non-root users. One of the workarounds is to use port redirection. In case other port is desired to be used instead, we can reconfigure it.

Here is a sample of bgp port listening re-configuration:

URL: /restconf/config/odl-bgp-peer-acceptor-config:bgp-peer-acceptor-config/default

RFC8040 URL: /rests/data/odl-bgp-peer-acceptor-config:bgp-peer-acceptor-config=default

Method: PUT

Content-Type: application/xml

Request Body:

1<bgp-peer-acceptor-config xmlns="urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:odl-bgp-peer-acceptor-config">
2    <config-name>default</config-name>
3    <binding-address></binding-address>
4    <binding-port>1791</binding-port>

@line 3: Binding address: By default is, so it is not a mandatory field.

@line 4: Binding Port: Port were BGP Server will listen.