Revised Error Handling for BGP UPDATE Messages

According to RFC4271 a BGP speaker that receives an UPDATE message containing a malformed attribute is required to reset the session over which the offending attribute was received. Revised Error Handling procedures defined in RFC7606 is introducing a ways to avoid negative effects of session restart. This document provides guide to configure specific approach called treat-as-withdraw which is treating malformed UPDATE messages as their withdrawal equivalent.


Treat-as-withdraw procedures are disabled by default. There are two ways to enable it. One via peer-group to affect all neighbors in that group and one via neighbor.

For neighbor configuration:

URL: /rests/data/openconfig-network-instance:network-instances/network-instance/global-bgp/openconfig-network-instance:protocols/protocol/openconfig-policy-types:BGP/bgp-example/bgp/neighbors/neighbor/

For peer-group configuration:

URL: /rests/data/openconfig-network-instance:network-instances/network-instance/global-bgp/openconfig-network-instance:protocols/protocol/openconfig-policy-types:BGP/bgp-example/bgp/peer-groups/peer-group/external-neighbor/error-handling

Method: PUT

Content-Type: application/xml

Request Body:

1<error-handling xmlns="urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:bgp:openconfig-extensions">
2   <config>
3       <treat-as-withdraw>true</treat-as-withdraw>
4   </config>

@line 3: True to enable treat-as-withdraw procedures, False to disabled it


If neighbor Error handling configuration in neighbor ALWAYS supersed peer-group configuration. That means if peer-group have error handling enabled and neighbor disabled, result is disabled error handling.