Release Schedule

OpenDaylight releases twice per year. The six-month cadence is designed to synchronize OpenDaylight releases with OpenStack and OPNFV releases. Dates are adjusted to match current resources and requirements from the current OpenDaylight users. Dates are also adjusted when they conflict with holidays, overlap with other releases or are otherwise problematic. Dates include the release of both managed and self-managed projects.

Event Sodium Dates Magnesium Dates Relative Dates Start-Relative Dates Description
Release Start 2019-03-07 2019-09-09 Start Date Start Date +0 Declare Intention: Submit Project_Plan Jira item in TSC project
Initial Checkpoint 2019-03-21 2019-10-03 Start Date + 2 weeks Start Date +2 weeks Initial Checkpoint. All Managed Projects must have completed Project_Plan Jira items in TSC project.
Release Integrated Deadline 2019-04-11 2019-10-07 Initial Checkpoint + 2 weeks Start Date +4 weeks Deadline for Release Integrated Projects (currently, ODLPARENT, YANGTOOLS and MDSAL) to provide the desired version deliverables for downstream Snapshot Integrated Projects to consume. For Sodium, this is +1 more week to resolve conflict with ONS NA 2019.
Version Bump 2019-04-12 2019-10-08 Release Integrated Deadline + 1 day Start Date +4 weeks 1 day Prepare version bump patches and merge them in (RelEng team). Spend the next 2 weeks to get green build for all MSI Projects and a healthy distribution.
Version Bump Checkpoint 2019-04-25 2019-10-21 Release Integrated Deadline + 2 weeks Start Date +6 weeks Check status of MSI Projects to see if we have green builds and a healthy distribution. Revert the MRI deliverables if deemed necessary.
CSIT Checkpoint 2019-05-09 2019-11-04 Version Bump Checkpoint + 2 weeks Start Date +8 weeks All Managed Release CSIT should be in good shape - get all MSI Projects’ CSIT results as they were before the version bump. This is the final opportunity to revert the MRI deliverables if deemed necessary.
Middle Checkpoint 2019-07-04 2020-01-06 CSIT Checkpoint + 8 weeks (sometimes +2 weeks to avoid December holidays) Start Date +16 weeks (sometimes +2 weeks to avoid December holidays) Checkpoint for status of Managed Projects - especially Snapshot Integrated Projects.
Code Freeze 2019-08-01 2020-02-03 Middle Checkpoint + 4 weeks Start Date +20 weeks Code freeze for all Managed Projects - cut and lock release branch. Only allow blocker bugfixes in release branch.
Final Checkpoint 2019-08-15 2020-02-17 Code Freeze + 2 weeks Start Date +22 weeks Final Checkpoint for all Managed Projects.
Formal Release 2019-09-24 2020-03-09 6 months after Start Date Start Date +6 months Formal release
Service Release 1 2019-11-12 2020-04-20 1.5 month after Formal Release Start Date +7.5 months Service Release 1 (SR1)
Service Release 2 2020-01-30 2020-07-20 3 months after SR1 Start Date +10.5 months Service Release 2 (SR2)
Service Release 3 2020-05-21 2020-11-16 4 months after SR2 Start Date +14 months Service Release 3 (SR3) - Final Service Release
Service Release 4 N/A N/A Not Available Anymore Not Available Anymore Service Release 4 (SR4) - N/A
Release End of Life 2020-09-05 2021-03-08 4 months after SR3 Start Date +18 months End of Life - coincides with the Formal Release of the current release+2 versions and the start of the current release+3 versions