Run Integration Test Locally


Sometimes you might want to run some CSIT integration tests on your VM instead of the sandbox, this guide contains information about pre-requisites that need to be installed.

Operating System

To run the integration tests you will need a Linux-type OS, like Ubuntu or CentOS. Setup can be done manually, or you can download a VM image with the pre-installed OS.

Set up the integration test framework

Install Python

For Debian-based distributions

sudo apt-get install python3
sudo apt-get install python3-pip

Install Robot Framework and Extended Requests Library


RobotFramework installation guide can be found here

Releng/Builder CI/CD installation options can be checked inside the

pip3 install robotframework
pip3 install robotframework-extendedrequestslibrary

Install Libraries needed for test suites

pip3 install alabaster Babel docutils imagesize Jinja2 lfdocs-conf

Setup SSH access

Add new user with name jenkins to the linux, setup home directory for this user. Create and add pair of ssh keys. Put them to /home/jenkins/.ssh


This is only applicable if you don’t change a ${DEFAULT_USER} variable.

Test ssh connection:

ssh jenkins@localhost -i /home/jenkins/.ssh/id-rsa


If Robot can not connect through SSH, but manually connection works ok - update paramiko library:

pip3 install --upgrade robotframework-sshlibrary
pip3 install --upgrade paramiko

Run single integration test

Start Karaf and install required features.

Run test:

robot -L debug --variable KARAF_HOME:/home/user/workspace/netconf/karaf/target/assembly/bin --variable USER_HOME:/home/jenkins --variable DEFAULT_LINUX_PROMPT:\$ --variable ODL_SYSTEM_IP: --variable ODL_SYSTEM_1_IP: --variable RESTCONFPORT:8181 --variable IS_KARAF_APPL:True ./test.robot
  • KARAF_HOME - path to karaf directory

  • USER_HOME - path to jenkins home directotry. Used by Robot to read id-rsa key for ssh connection. Can be set to any directory where .ssh folder with id-rsa key located

  • ODL_SYSTEM_IP - IP of ODL restconf server.

  • ODL_SYSTEM_1_IP (ODL_SYSTEM_2_IP, ODL_SYSTEM_3_IP) - IP`s of ODL cluster.

  • RESTCONFPORT - Restconf server port. 8181 by default.

Current list of parameters used by jenkins job can be found at script.

Full list of variables available from the CSIT is configured under the Variables.robot


Every suite can have different options. Please check Jenkins configuration for the specific test.

Getting result

On test finish, test result will be in the same folder as Robot test file:
  • report.html

  • log.html

  • output.xml