Genius Design Overview

Genius project provides generic infrastructure services and utilities for integration and co-existance of mulltiple networking services/applications. Following image presents a top level view of Genius framework -

Genius Module Dependencies

Genius modules are developed as karaf features which can be independently installed. However, there is some dependency among these modules. The diagram below provides a dependency relationship of these modules.

All these modules expose Yang based API which can be used to configure/interact with these modules and fetch services provided by these modules. Thus all these modules can be used/configured by other ODL modules and can also be accessed via REST interface.

Genius based packet pipeline

Following picture presents an example of packet pipeline based on Genius framework. It also presents the functions of diffrent genius components -

Following sections provide details about each of these components.

  1. Aliveness Monitor

  2. ID-Manager

  3. MDSAL Utils

  4. Resource Manager

  5. FCAPS manager