Traffic shaping with Ovsdb QoS queues

QoS patches:

The current Boron implementation provides support for ingress rate limiting configuration of OVS. The Carbon release will add egress traffic shaping to QoS feature set. (Note, the direction of traffic flow (ingress, egress) is from the perspective of the OpenSwitch)

Problem description

OVS supports traffic shaping for traffic that egresses from a switch. To utilize this functionality, Genius implementation should be able to create ‘set queue’ output action upon connection of new OpenFlow node.

Use Cases

Use case 1: Allow Unimgr to shape egress traffic from UNI

Proposed change

Unimgr or Neutron VPN creates ietf vlan interface for each port connected to particular service. The Ovsdb provides a possibility to create QoS and mapped Queue with egress rate limits for lower level port. Such queue should be created on parent physical interface of vlan or trunk member port if service has definition of limits. The ovsdb southbound provides interface for creation of ovs QoS and Queues. This functionality may be utilized by netvirt qos service. Below is the dump from ovsdb with queues created for one of the ports.

Port table
   _uuid : a6cf4ca9-b15c-4090-aefe-23af2d5ce4f2
   name                : "ens5"
   qos                 : 9779ce41-4347-4383-b308-75f46d6a258c
QoS table
   _uuid               : 9779ce41-4347-4383-b308-75f46d6a258c
   other_config        : {max-rate="50000"}
   queues              : {1=3cc34bb7-7df8-4538-9fd7-4a6c6c467c69}
   type                : linux-htb
Queue table
   _uuid               : 3cc34bb7-7df8-4538-9fd7-4a6c6c467c69
   dscp                : []
   other_config        : {max-rate="50000", min-rate="5000"}

The queues creation is out of scope of this document. The definition of vlan or trunk member port will be augmented with relevant queue reference and number if queue was created successful. That will allow to create openflow ‘set_queue’ output action during service binding.

Pipeline changes

New ‘set_queue’ action will be supported in Egress Dispatcher table




Egress Dispatcher [220]

no changes

Set queue id (optional) and output to port

Yang changes

A new augment “ovs-qos” is added to if:interface in odl-interface.yang

/* vlan port to qos queue */
 augment "/if:interfaces/if:interface" {
     ext:augment-identifier "ovs-qos";
     when "if:type = 'ianaift:l2vlan'";

     leaf ovs-qos-ref {
         type instance-identifier;
           "represents whether service port has associated qos. A reference to a ovsdb QoS entry";
     leaf service-queue-number {
         type uint32;
           "specific queue number within the list of queues in the qos entry";

Scale and Performance Impact

Additional OpenFlow action will be performed on part of the packages. Egress packages will be processed via linux-htp if service configured accordanly.


The unified REST API for ovsdb port adjustment could be created if future release. The QoS engress queues and ingress rate limiting should be a part of this API. Usage ===== User will configure unimgr service with egress rate limits. That will follow to process described above.

Features to Install

  • odl-genius (unimgr using genius feature for flows creation)






Minimum OVS version 1.8.0 is required.


Unimgr test cases with configured egress rate limits will cover this functionality.


[1] OpenDaylight Documentation Guide <>