This section offers advices in a case OpenDaylight PCEP plugin is not working as expected.

PCEP is not working…

  • First of all, ensure that all required features are installed, local PCE and remote PCC configuration is correct.

    To list all installed features in OpenDaylight use the following command at the Karaf console:

    feature:list -i
  • Check OpenDaylight Karaf logs:

    From Karaf console:


    or open log file: data/log/karaf.log

    Possibly, a reason/hint for a cause of the problem can be found there.

  • Try to minimize effect of other OpenDaylight features, when searching for a reason of the problem.

  • Try to set DEBUG severity level for PCEP logger via Karaf console commands, in order to collect more information:

    log:set DEBUG org.opendaylight.protocol.pcep
    log:set DEBUG org.opendaylight.bgpcep.pcep

and for Path Computation Algorithm

log:set DEBUG org.opendaylight.algo

Bug reporting

Before you report a bug, check BGPCEP Jira to ensure same/similar bug is not already filed there.

Write an e-mail to and provide following information:

  1. State OpenDaylight version

  2. Describe your use-case and provide as much details related to PCEP as possible

  3. Steps to reproduce

  4. Attach Karaf log files, optionally packet captures, REST input/output