OpenFlow Plugin


OpenFlow Plugin project provides the following functionality to the end user. * OpenFlow 1.0/1.3 Implementation Project provides the implementation of the OpenFlow 1.0 and OpenFlow 1.3 specification. * ONF Approved extensions Project also provides the implementation of following ONF OpenFlow 1.4 feature that is approved as an extensions for the OpenFlow 1.3 specification. Following is the list of extensions. ** OpenFlow 1.4 Bundle Feature * Nicira Extensions Project provides the implementation of the Nicira Extensions. Some of the important extensions implemented are ** Connection Tracking Extension ** Group Add-Mod Extension * OpenFlow Based Applications Project provides the following applications that user can leverage out-of-the-box in developing their application or as a direct end consumer. ** Forwarding Rules Manager : Application provides functionality to add/remove/update flow/groups/meters. ** LLDP Speaker : Application sends periodic LLDP packet out on each OpenFlow switch port for link discovery. ** Topology LLDP Discovery : Application intercept the LLDP packets and discover the link information. ** Topology Manager : Application receives the discovered links information from Topology LLDP Discovery application and stores in the topology yang model data store. ** Reconciliation Framework : Framework that exposes API’s that consumer application (in-controller) can leverage to participate in the switch reconciliation process in the event of switch connection/reconnection. ** Arbitrator Reconciliation : Application exposes API’s that consumer application or direct user can leverage to trigger the device configuration reconciliation. * OpenFlow Java Library Project provides the OpenFlow Java Library that converts the data based on OpenFlow plugin data models to the OpenFlow java models before sending it down the wire to the device.

Behavior Changes

This release introduces no behavior changes from the previous release.

New and Modified Features

This releases provides the following new and modified features:

  • Feature: OVS based NA Responder for IPv6 default gateway.
  • Feature Description: Feature implements a OVS based service that respond to Neighbour Advertisement request for IPv6 default gateway.

Deprecated Features

This releases does not removed any feature.

Known Issues

The following table lists the known issues that exist in this release.

Key Summary
OPNFLWPLUG-1075 Group tx-chain closed by port event thread
OPNFLWPLUG-1074 Table stats not available after a switch flap