Major Features

Feature Name

  • Feature Name: odl-netvirt-openstack

  • Feature URL: odl-netvirt-openstack

  • Feature Description: NetVirt is a network virtualization solution that includes the following components:

    • Open vSwitch based virtualization for software switches.

    • Hardware VTEP for hardware switches.

    • Service Function Chaining support within a virtualized environment.

    • Support for OVS and DPDK-accelerated.

    • OVS data paths, L3VPN (BGPVPN), EVPN, ELAN, distributed L2 and L3, NAT and Floating IPs, IPv6, Security Groups, MAC and IP learning.

  • Top Level: Yes

  • User Facing: Yes

  • Experimental: No

  • CSIT Test: NetVirt CSIT


Security Considerations

  • No known issues.

Quality Assurance


  • Nothing beyond general migration requirements.


  • Nothing beyond general compatibility requirements.

Bugs Fixed

Known Issues


Both SFC Netvirt and COE Netvirt Integration are reaching an EOL due to lack of support from their respective projects. COE Netvirt CSIT jobs are already disabled, and SFC is deprecated for Sodium and will be removed for Magnesium if support does not come from the SFC project.


  • N/A

Release Mechanics