Genius project provides Generic Network Interfaces, Utilities & Services. Any ODL application can use these to achieve interference-free co-existence with other applications using Genius. OpendayLight Neon Genius provides following modules –

  • Interface (logical port) Manager allows bindings/registration of multiple services to logical ports/interfaces
  • Overlay Tunnel Manager creates and maintains overlay tunnels between configured tunnel endpoints
  • Aliveness Monitor provides tunnel/nexthop aliveness monitoring services
  • ID Manager generates cluster-wide persistent unique integer IDs
  • MD-SAL Utils provides common generic APIs for interaction with MD-SAL
  • Resource Manager provides a resource sharing framework for applications sharing common resources e.g. table-ids, group-ids etc.
  • FCAPS Application generates various alarms and counters for the different genius modules
  • FCAPS Framework module collectively fetches all data generated by fcaps application. Any underlying infrastructure can subscribe for its events to have a generic overview of the various alarms and counters

Behavior Changes

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Deprecated Features

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