Data Export/Import


Data Export/Import (Daexim) feature allows OpenDaylight administrators to export the current system state to the file system or to import the state from the file system.

Major Features

This release provides the following features:


Security Considerations

  • Do you have any external interfaces other than RESTCONF?

    • No

  • Other security issues?

    • None

Quality Assurance

  • Sonar Report

  • Code coverage is 78.8%

  • There are extensive unit-tests in the code.


  • Is it possible to migrate from the previous release? If so, how?

    • Migration should work across all releases.


  • Is this release compatible with the previous release?

    • Yes

  • Any API changes?

    • No

  • Any configuration changes?

    • No

Bug Fixes

The following table lists the resolved issues fixed in this release.



General commit

Address Sonar warnings found in the code. No behavior changes.

Known Issues


  • List of features/APIs that were EOLed, deprecated, and/or removed from this release

    • None


  • List of standards implemented.

    • None

Release Mechanics

  • Describe any major shifts in release schedule from the release plan.

    • None