Neutron Service User Guide


This Karaf feature (odl-neutron-service) provides integration support for OpenStack Neutron via the OpenDaylight ML2 mechanism driver. The Neutron Service is only one of the components necessary for OpenStack integration. For those related components please refer to documentations of each component:

Use cases and who will use the feature

If you want OpenStack integration with OpenDaylight, you will need this feature with an OpenDaylight provider feature like netvirt, group based policy, VTN, and lisp mapper. For provider configuration, please refer to each individual provider’s documentation. Since the Neutron service only provides the northbound API for the OpenStack Neutron ML2 mechanism driver. Without those provider features, the Neutron service itself is not useful.

Neutron Service feature Architecture

The Neutron service provides northbound API for OpenStack Neutron via RESTCONF and also its dedicated REST API. It communicates through its YANG model with providers.

Neutron Service Architecture

Neutron Service Architecture

Configuring Neutron Service feature

As the Karaf feature includes everything necessary for communicating northbound, no special configuration is needed. Usually this feature is used with an OpenDaylight southbound plugin that implements actual network virtualization functionality and OpenStack Neutron. The user wants to setup those configurations. Refer to each related documentations for each configurations.

Administering or Managing odl-neutron-service

There is no specific configuration regarding to Neutron service itself. For related configuration, please refer to OpenStack Neutron configuration and OpenDaylight related services which are providers for OpenStack.

installing odl-neutron-service while the controller running

  1. While OpenDaylight is running, in Karaf prompt, type: feature:install odl-neutron-service.

  2. Wait a while until the initialization is done and the controller stabilizes.

odl-neutron-service provides only a unified interface for OpenStack Neutron. It does not provide actual functionality for network virtualization. Refer to each OpenDaylight project documentation for actual configuration with OpenStack Neutron.

Neutron Logger

Another service, the Neutron Logger, is provided for debugging/logging purposes. It logs changes on Neutron YANG models.

feature:install odl-neutron-logger