<Feature> Installation Guide


Only use this template if installation is more complicated than simply installing a feature in the Karaf distribution. Otherwise simply provide the names of all user-facing features in your M3 readout.

This is a template for installing a feature or a project developed in the ODL project. The feature could be interfaces, protocol plug-ins, or applications.


Add overview of the feature. Include Architecture diagram and the positioning of this feature in overall controller architecture. Highlighting the feature in a different color within the overall architecture must help. Include information to describe if the project is within ODL installation package or to be installed separately.

Pre-Requisites for Installing <Feature>

  • Hardware Requirements

  • Software Requirements

Preparing for Installation

Include any pre-configuration, database, or other software downloads required to install <feature>.

Installing <Feature>

Include if you have separate procedures for Windows and Linux

Verifying your Installation

Describe how to verify the installation.



Text goes here.

Post Installation Configuration

Post Installation Configuration section must include some basic (must-do) procedures if any, to get started.

Mandatory instructions to get started with the product.

  • Logging in

  • Getting Started

  • Integration points with controller

Upgrading From a Previous Release

Text goes here.

Uninstalling <Feature>

Text goes here.