Project life-cycle

This page documents the current rules to follow when adding and removing a particular project to Simultaneous Release (SR).

List of states for projects in autorelease

The state names are short negative phrases describing what is missing to progress to the following state.

  • non-existent The project is not recognized by Technical Steering Committee (TSC) to be part of OpenDaylight (ODL).

  • non-participating The project is recognized by the TSC to be an ODL project, but the project has not confirmed participation in SR for given release cycle.

  • non-building The recognized project is willing to participate, but its current codebase is not passing its own merge job, or the project artifacts are otherwise unavailable in Nexus.

  • not-in-autorelease Project merge job passes, but the project is not added to autorelease (git submodule, maven module, validate-autorelease job passes).

  • failing-autorelease The project is added to autorelease (git submodule, maven module, validate-autorelease job passes), but autorelease build fails when building project’s artifact. Temporary state, timing out into not-in-autorelease.

  • repo-not-in-integration Project is successfully built within autorelease, but integration/distribution:features-index is not listing all its public feature repositories.

  • feature-not-in-integration Feature repositories are referenced, distribution-check job is passing, but some user-facing features are absent from integration/distribution:features-test (possibly because adding them does not pass distribution SingleFeatureTest).

  • distribution-check-not-passing Features are in distribution, but distribution-check job is either not running, or it is failing for any reason. Temporary state, timing out into feature-not-in-integration.

  • feature-is-experimental All user-facing features are in features-test, but at least one of the corresponding functional CSIT jobs does not meet Integration/Test requirements.

  • feature-is-not-stable Feature does meet Integration/Test requirements, but it does not meed all requirements for stable features.

  • feature-is-stable


A project may change its state in both directions, this list is to make sure a project is not left in an invalid state, for example distribution referencing feature repositories, but without passing distribution-check job.


Projects can participate in Simultaneous Release even if they are not included in autorelease. Nitrogen example: Odlparent. FIXME: Clarify states for such projects (per version, if they released multiple times within the same cycle).