Identifying Managed Projects in an OpenDaylight Version

What are Managed Projects?

Managed Projects are simply projects that take part in the Managed Release Process. Managed Projects are either core components of OpenDaylight or have demonstrated their maturity and ability to successfully take part in the Managed Release.

For more information, see the full description of Managed Projects.

What is a Managed Distribution?

Managed Projects are aggregated together by a POM file that defines a Managed Distribution. The Managed Distribution is the focus of OpenDaylight development. It’s continuously built, tested, packaged and released into Continuous Delivery pipelines. As prescribed by the Managed Release Process, Managed Distributions are eventually blessed as formal OpenDaylight releases.

NB: OpenDaylight’s Fluorine release actually included Managed and Self-Managed Projects, but the community is working towards the formal release being exactly the Managed Distribution, with an option for Self-Managed Projects to release independently on top of the Managed Distribution later.

Finding the Managed Projects given a Managed Distribution

Given a Managed Distribution (.tar.gz, .zip, RPM, Deb), the Managed Projects that constitute it can be found in the taglist.log file in the root of the archive.

taglist.log files are of the format:

<Managed Project> <Git SHA of built commit> <Codename of release>

Finding the Managed Projects Given a Branch

To find the current set of Managed Projects in a given OpenDaylight branch, examine the integration/distribution/features/repos/index/pom.xml file that defines the Managed Distribution.