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OpenFlow PluginΒΆ

  1. Do you have any previously-incomplete items from prior milestone readouts? No
  2. Has your project met code freeze [1]? Yes
  3. Are all externally visible strings frozen to allow for translation & documentation? Yes
  4. Is your documentation complete [2]? Yes
  5. Were project-specific deliverables planned for this milestone delivered successfully? Yes
  6. Are you running at least one basic automated system test job for each top-level feature? Yes
  7. Do you have any CLM violations?
    • All violations are transitive dependencies from other ODL Projects

Stable Features (Only for Projects with Stable Features)

  1. Do your stable features fulfill quality requirements [3]? Yes

    Almost (Main plugin implementation has coverage more than 75%. Overall Unit Test Coverage is 68%, but we have extensive CSIT that overall increase the coverage above 75%)

  2. Are you running several automated system test jobs [4] for each stable feature? Yes, please refer the below URL to see details of all the running CSIT jobs.

[1]Only bug fixes are allowed from now on
[2]Only editing and enhancing should take place from now on
[3]Unit and/or integration test coverage of at least 75%
[4]These test jobs include functionality, cluster, scalability, performance, longevity/stability