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OpenDaylight with Openstack Guide


OpenStack is a popular open source Infrastructure as a service project, covering compute, storage and network management. OpenStack can use OpenDaylight as its network management provider through the Modular Layer 2 (ML2) north-bound plug-in. OpenDaylight manages the network flows for the OpenStack compute nodes via the OVSDB south-bound plug-in. This page describes how to set that up, and how to tell when everything is working.

Installing OpenStack

Installing OpenStack is out of scope for this document, but to get started, it is useful to have a minimal multi-node OpenStack deployment.

The reference deployment we will use for this document is a 3 node cluster:

  • One control node containing all of the management services for OpenStack (Nova, Neutron, Glance, Swift, Cinder, Keystone)
  • Two compute nodes running nova-compute
  • Neutron using the OVS back-end and vxlan for tunnels

Once you have installed OpenStack, verify that it is working by connecting to Horizon and performing a few operations. To check the Neutron configuration, create two instances on a private subnet bridging to your public network, and verify that you can connect to them, and that they can see each other.