Data Export/Import

Major Features


  • Feature URL: Daexim

  • Feature Description: This wrapper feature includes all the sub features provided by Daexim project.

  • Top Level: Yes

  • User Facing: Yes

  • Experimental: No

  • CSIT Test:


Security Considerations

  • Do you have any external interfaces other than RESTCONF?

    • No

  • Other security issues?

    • None

Quality Assurance


  • Is it possible to migrate from the previous release? If so, how?

    • Migration should work across all releases.


  • Is this release compatible with the previous release?

    • Yes

  • Any API changes?

    • No

  • Any configuration changes?

    • No

Bugs Fixed

  • List of bugs fixed since the previous release.

    • All known bugs have been resolved.

Known Issues


  • List of features/APIs that were EOLed, deprecated, and/or removed from this release.

    • None


  • List of standards implemented and to what extent.

    • None

Release Mechanics

  • Describe any major shifts in release schedule from the release plan.

    • None