Security Considerations

  • Do you have any external interfaces other than RESTCONF?
    • Yes, akka uses port 2550 and by default communicates with unencrypted, unauthenticated messages. Securing akka communication isn’t described here, but those concerned should look at the “Configuring SSL/TLS for Akka Remoting” section at
  • Other security issues?
    • No

Quality Assurance


  • Is it possible to migrate from the previous release? If so, how?
    • Yes, no specific steps needed.


  • Is this release compatible with the previous release?
    • Yes
  • Any API changes?
    • Some deprecated APIs have been removed
  • Any configuration changes?
    • No

Bugs Fixed

  • List of bugs fixed since the previous release

Known Issues

  • List key known issues with workarounds
    • None


  • List of features/APIs which are EOLed, deprecated, and/or removed in this release
    • The controller binding and DOM MD-SAL APIs, classes and interfaces in packages prefixed with org.opendaylight.controller, have been deprecated in favor of the APIs in the mdsal project prefixed with org.opendaylight.mdsal.
    • Various other APIs and classes in the controller project that have been long since deperecated and no longer used have been removed.


  • List of standrads implemented and to what extent
    • None

Release Mechanics