P4 Plugin User Guide


P4 is a high-level language for expressing how packets are processed by the pipeline of a network forwarding element such as a switch, network processing units, software switches (bmv2), etc. P4 itself is protocol independent but allows for the expression of forwarding plane protocols. It is based upon an abstract forwarding model called PISA (Protocol Independent Switch Architecture). In the Oxygen release, the P4 Plugin project is aimed to provide basic functions for P4 targets, such as channel and device management, table population, packet-in and packet-out process, etc.

P4 Plugin User-Facing Features

  • odl-p4plugin-all

    • This feature contains all other features/bundles of P4 Plugin project. If you install it, it provides all functions that the P4 Plugin project can support.

  • odl-p4plugin-runtime

    • This feature provides a function which implements a gRPC client that provides RPCs for users, such as setting and retrieving forwarding pipeline config dynamically, complete table entry population entry and packet out procedures, etc.

  • odl-p4plugin-netconf-adapter

    • This feature mainly provides function about collecting device resource.

How To Start

Preparing for Installation

  1. Forwarding devices must support NETCONF, so that OpenDaylight can connect to them and collect resoures via NETCONF.

  2. Forwarding devices must support gRpc and run P4 program, so that OpenDaylight can set the forwarding pipeline config, complete table entry population and packet in/out procedure, etc.

Installation Feature

Run OpenDaylight and install P4 Plugin Service odl-p4plugin-all as shown below:

feature:install odl-p4plugin-all

For a more detailed overview of the P4 Plugin, see the P4 Plugin Developer Guide.