Transport PCE


Transport PCE is an application running on top of the OpenDaylight controller. Its primary function is to control an optical transport infrastructure using a non-proprietary South Bound Interface (SBI).

The controlled transport infrastructure includes a WDM (Wave Division Multiplexing) layer and an OTN (optical transport network) layer. The WDM layer is built from ROADMs (reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer) with colorless, directionless and contention-less features. The OTN layer is built from transponders, muxponders or switchponders which include OTN switching functionalities.

Transport PCE leverages OpenROADM Multi-Source-Agreement (MSA), which defines interoperability specifications, consisting of both optical interoperability and YANG data models.

The TransportPCE implementation includes:

Transport PCE implementation



Northbound API

These APIs are for higher level applications, implemented in the Service Handler bundle. It relies on the service model defined in the MSA.

Renderer and OLM

The renderer and OLM (Optical Line Management) bundles allow configuring OpenROADM devices through a southbound NETCONF/YANG interface (based on the MSA device models). This release supports the OpenROADM devices version 1.2.1 version 2.2.1.

Topology Management

This bundle is based on the defined MSA network model.

Path Calculation Engine (PCE)

PCE here has a different meaning than the BGPCEP project since it is not based on (G)MPLS.

The internal RPCs between those modules are defined in the Transport Service Path models.

Behavior Changes

This release introduces the following behavior changes:

  • First experimental support for OTN on top of the already existing OpenROADM WDM support. This concerns for Magnesium SR0 portmapping, topology, renderer and PCE (Service Handler not yet ready) Honeynode simulators were upgraded to support OTN as well as the migration to Java 11 for functional tests.

  • OpenROADM service (Northbound API) upgraded to version 5.1.0

  • Service Path API upgraded to the latest version 1.7

  • GNPy server connection support. This allows to offload PCE impairment aware path calculation to a GNPy server, or to validate a path precomputed by transportPCE, including the impacts of non-linear effects.

  • External database connector experimental support. This connector allows to populate an external (MariaDB) Inventory Database, currently limited to OpenROADM version 1.2.1 devices.

  • Limited support of TAPI version 2.1.2. It is used to expose (through a TAPI compliant Northbound Interface) an abstracted WDM/OTN topology that masks the OpenROADM topology complexity to higher layer controllers/orchestrator. - TAPI:get-topology-details RPC to abstract nodes from OpenROADM openroadm-topology (WDM and OTN)

OTN XPONDERS in the abstracted T-API topology appear as one node in the DSR/ODU layer (with 1GE/ODU0, 10GE/ODU2e or 100GE/ODU4 Node Edge Points (NEP)), and one node in the photonic-Media layer with a single OMS/OTSI NEP. Both nodes are interconnected through a transitional link. Couples of 100GE Transponders are represented through a single node (layer-protocol-name = ETH).

New and Modified Features

This release provides the following new and modified features:

New and Modified Features




The main feature that installs all the OpenROADM-based core components of transportPCE for WDM control. The OTN support provided in portmapping, topology, renderer and PCE bundles is Experimental.


This is a limited support of TAPI version 2.1.2 (through a TAPI compliant Northbound Interface) to retrieve an abstracted WDM/OTN topology.


This is a new Experimental feature to connect an External MariaDB inventory database. Support is currently limited to OpenROADM version 1.2.1 devices.

Deprecated Features

This release removed the following features:

  • features-transportpce deprecated by odl-transportpce. It was previously introduced for Karaf3/4 compatibility.

  • odl-transportpce-ordmodels moved to several bundles integrated in odl-transportpce.

  • odl-transportpce-api now integrated in odl-transportpce.

  • odl-transportpce-stubmodels (previously used only in tests).

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues fixed this release.

Resolved Issues




Make the PCE more deterministic

Known Issues

There are no known issues identified in this release.