BGP-PCEP Project


BGP Plugin

The OpenDaylight controller provides an implementation of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), which is based on RFC 4271) as a south-bound protocol plugin. The implementation renders all basic BGP speaker capabilities, including:

  • Inter/Intra-AS peering

  • Routes advertising

  • Routes originating

  • Routes storage

The plugin’s north-bound API (REST/Java) provides to user:

  • Fully dynamic runtime standardized BGP configuration

  • Read-only access to all RIBs

  • Read-write programmable RIBs

  • Read-only reachability/linkstate topology view

PCEP Plugin

The OpenDaylight Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) plugin provides all basic service units necessary to build-up a PCE-based controller. Defined by RFC 8231, PCEP offers LSP management functionality for Active Stateful PCE, which is the cornerstone for majority of PCE-enabled SDN solutions. It consists of the following components:

  • Protocol library

  • PCEP session handling

  • Stateful PCE LSP-DB

  • Active Stateful PCE LSP Operations

New and Modified Features

This release provides the following new and modified features:

  • BGPCEP-858: Support for PCE stateless mode (RFC 5440) and PCE server functionality (path computation)

  • BGPCEP-365: BGP-LS topology provider support for Segment Routing

  • BGPCEP-790: Use ipv4-address-no-zone

  • BGPCEP-715: Enforce PCEP Checkstyle

Deprecated Features

This release did not deprecate or remove any feature.

Resolved Issues

Known Issues