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CAPWAP User Guide

This document describes how to use the Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) feature in OpenDaylight. This document contains configuration, administration, and management sections for the feature.


CAPWAP feature fills the gap OpenDaylight Controller has with respect to managing CAPWAP compliant wireless termination point (WTP) network devices present in enterprise networks. Intelligent applications (e.g. centralized firmware management, radio planning) can be developed by tapping into the WTP network device’s operational states via REST APIs.

CAPWAP Architecture

The CAPWAP feature is implemented as an MD-SAL based provider module, which helps discover WTP devices and update their states in MD-SAL operational datastore.

Scope of CAPWAP Project

In this release, CAPWAP project aims to only detect the WTPs and store their basic attributes in the operational data store, which is accessible via REST and JAVA APIs.

Installing CAPWAP

To install CAPWAP, download OpenDaylight and use the Karaf console to install the following feature:


Configuring CAPWAP

As of this release, there are no configuration requirements.

Administering or Managing CAPWAP

After installing the odl-capwap-ac-rest feature from the Karaf console, users can administer and manage CAPWAP from the APIDOCS explorer.

Go to http://${ipaddress}:8181/apidoc/explorer/index.html, sign in, and expand the capwap-impl panel. From there, users can execute various API calls.


Viewing Discovered WTPs


This tutorial can be used as a walk through to understand the steps for starting the CAPWAP feature, detecting CAPWAP WTPs, accessing the operational states of WTPs.


It is assumed that user has access to at least one hardware/software based CAPWAP compliant WTP. These devices should be configured with OpenDaylight controller IP address as a CAPWAP Access Controller (AC) address. It is also assumed that WTPs and OpenDaylight controller share the same ethernet broadcast domain.


  1. Run the OpenDaylight distribution and install odl-capwap-ac-rest from the Karaf console.
  2. Go to http://${ipaddress}:8181/apidoc/explorer/index.html
  3. Expand capwap-impl
  4. Click /operational/capwap-impl:capwap-ac-root/
  5. Click “Try it out”
  6. The above step should display list of WTPs discovered using ODL CAPWAP feature.