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BIER User Guide


The technology of Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER) specifies a new architecture for the forwarding of multicast data packets. It provides optimal forwarding of multicast data packets through a “multicast domain”. However, it does not require the use of a protocol for explicitly building multicast distribution trees, and it does not require intermediate nodes to maintain any per-flow state. See specific in draft-ietf-bier-architecture-05 and related documents.

The BIER project provides functionality about BIER/BIER-TE topo-mamagement and BIER/BIER-TE channel-mamagement, and invoking south-bound-interface for device driver.

BIER User-Facing Features

  • odl-bier-all
    • This feature contains all other features/bundles of BIER project. If you install it, it provides all functions that the BIER project can support.
  • odl-bier-models
    • This feature contains all models of BIER project, such as ietf-bier, ietf-multicast-information and so on.
  • odl-bier-bierman
    • This feature generates BIER’s topology from network topology, and configuration of BIER, BIER-TE, etc.
  • odl-bier-channel
    • This feature provides function about multicast flow information configuration and deployment in BIER domain.
  • odl-bier-service
    • This feature provides function which processing the result of BIER bierman and BIER channel, and invoking south-bound-interface for driver.
  • odl-bier-adapter
    • This feature provides adapter for different BIER south-bound NETCONF interfaces, so all BFRs in BIER domain with different NETCONF configuration interfaces and they can operate normally together.
  • odl-bier-driver
    • This feature is south-bound NETCONF interface for BIER, it has implemented standard interface (ietf-bier). If your BFR’s NETCONF interface is Non-standard, you should add your own interface for driver.
  • odl-te-pce
    • This feature provides path computation function for BIER-TE.
  • odl-bier-app
    • This feature provides the interface of BIER management, which contain BIER/BIER-TE manager, channel manager, topology manager.

How To Start

Preparing for Installation

  1. Forwarding devices must support the BGP-LS protocol, and already be configured so that OpenDaylight can discover those devices.
  2. Forwarding devices must support BIER configuration via NETCONF, which has a standard IETF YANG model.
  3. The feature odl-bier-app or third-party App provides the northbound interface of BIER management for BIER controller.

Installation Feature

Run OpenDaylight and install BIER Service odl-bier-all as below:

feature:install odl-bier-all

For a more detailed overview of the BIER, see the BIER Developer Guide.