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Release Schedule

In an attempt to synchronize with other related open source projects (e.g., OPNFV and OpenStack), OpenDaylight releases twice per year on a 6 month cadence. These releases are scheduled for September 7th and March 7th. These release dates are also used as the beginning for the subsequent release.

Event Relative Date Start-Relative Date Fluorine Description
Release Start Start Date Start Date +0 2018-03-07 Declare Intention: Submit Project_Plan Jira item in TSC project
Initial Checkpoint Start Date + 2 weeks Start Date +2 weeks 2018-03-22 Initial Checkpoint. All Managed Projects must have completed Project_Plan Jira items in TSC project.
Release Integrated Deadline Initial Checkpoint + 2 weeks Start Date +4 weeks 2018-04-07 Deadline for Release Integrated Projects (currently ODLPARENT and YANGTOOLS) to provide the desired version deliverables for downstream Snapshot Integrated Projects to consume.
Version Bump Release Integrated Deadline + 1 day Start Date +4 weeks 1 day 2018-04-08 Prepare version bump patches and merge them in (RelEng team). Spend the next 2 weeks to get green build for all MSI Projects and a healthy distribution.
Version Bump Checkpoint Release Integrated Deadline + 2 weeks Start Date +6 weeks 2018-04-21 Check status of MSI Projects to see if we have green builds and a healthy distribution. Revert the MRI deliverables if deemed necessary.
CSIT Checkpoint Version Bump Checkpoint + 2 weeks Start Date +8 weeks 2018-05-07 All Managed Release CSIT should be in good shape - get all MSI Projects’ CSIT results as they were before the version bump. This is the final opportunity to revert the MRI deliverables if deemed necessary.
Middle Checkpoint CSIT Checkpoint + 8 weeks Start Date +16 weeks 2018-07-05 Checkpoint for status of Managed Projects - especially Snapshot Integrated Projects.
Code Freeze Middle Checkpoint + 4 weeks Start Date +20 weeks 2018-08-07 Code freeze for all Managed Projects - cut and lock release branch. Only allow blocker bugfixes in release branch.
Final Checkpoint TSC meeting 2 weeks after Code Freeze Start Date +22 weeks (rounded up to next Thursday for TSC meeting) 2018-08-23 Final Checkpoint for all Managed Projects.
Formal Release 6 months after Start Date Start Date +24 weeks 2018-09-07 Formal release
Service Release 1 1 month after Formal Release Start Date +28 weeks 2018-10-07 Service Release 1 (SR1)
Service Release 2 2 months after SR1 Start Date +36 weeks 2018-12-07 Service Release 2 (SR2)
Service Release 3 2 months after SR2 Start Date +44 weeks 2019-02-07 Service Release 3 (SR3)
Service Release 4 3 months after SR3 Start Date +56 weeks 2019-05-07 Service Release 4 (SR4) - final service release
Release End of Life 4 months after SR4 Start Date +72 weeks 2019-09-07 End of Life - coincides with the Formal Release of the current release+2 versions and the start of the current release+3 versions