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Transport PCE

Major Features

  • Service Handler - translate WDM optical services creation requests so they can be treated by the different modules below - northbound API based on openroadm service models.
  • Topology management
  • Path Calculation Engine (PCE, here in a different meaning than the BGPCEP project since it is not based on (G)MPLS )
  • Renderer - responsible for the path configuration through optical equipment - based on the netconf protocol and openroadm specifications. Southbound plugin.
  • Optical Line Management (OLM)


Security Considerations

  • There are no security issues found.

Quality Assurance

  • Link to Sonar Report
  • Link to CSIT Jobs
  • functests: download sources and launch tox from the tests folder. Link to functests sources <;a=tree;f=tests;h=67709be57897dbb9b0af5a67d6dc0a4e98c002ac;hb=ede744b394b97793432036a0b33c8f131ee37ae1

Known Issues

  • Openroadm naming convention changed. There might be some discrepancies between the topology db and the portmapping process that can result in warnings.
  • Openroadm and transportPCE are still based on IETF I2RS network models first draft . Fluorine MD-SAL core has now switched to the newer RFC8345 official standard.