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Major Features








Security Considerations

  • Do you have any external interfaces other than RESTCONF?

    Yes, we have md-sal and netconf call-home servers.

  • Other security issues?

    • None that are known.

Quality Assurance


  • Is it possible to migrate from the previous release? If so, how?
    • Yes. No additional steps required.


  • Is this release compatible with the previous release?
    • Yes
  • Any API changes?
    • No
  • Any configuration changes?
    • No

Bugs Fixed

  • NETCONF-557 Add support for URL capability
  • NETCONF-508 inter-project dependencies are not expressed correctly in feature definitions
  • NETCONF-489 Add TLS support for connecting to a netconf device
  • NETCONF-524 Set the netconf keepalive logic to be more proactive
  • NETCONF-525 aaa-authn-odl-plugin contains non-netconf package
  • NETCONF-531 NETCONF depends on Jackson dependencies pulled in by AAA
  • NETCONF-533 channelActive may happen later than handleMessage when connect devices
  • NETCONF-542 PUT request return 500 if operational data are used
  • NETCONF-544 FilesystemSchemaSourceCache sometimes fails tests with: Unable to create cache directory at…
  • NETCONF-543 Mechanism to Specify ODL HELLO message
  • NETCONF-551 apidocs explorer reffers to non-existing CSS resource
  • NETCONF-530 netconf-testtool failed on start with NullPointerException
  • NETCONF-535 Remove CSS NETCONF endpoint
  • NETCONF-546 404 returning empty response
  • NETCONF-486 Patch request on a Netconf Mounted device throwing ClassCastException from YANG tools
  • NETCONF-178 Remove web.xml
  • NETCONF-536 Add support for <candidate> validation
  • NETCONF-540 Missing message-id in error reply when namespace prefix is used
  • NETCONF-539 Incorect handling of base:1.1 capability when namespaces are used
  • NETCONF-526 In edit-config payload default-operation needs to be set to default-value for PUT/POST calls
  • NETCONF-529 Add support for <copy-config> to mdsal-netconf-connector
  • NETCONF-520 RPC add netconf device does not work
  • NETCONF-521 Netconf with Key auth does not work
  • NETCONF-516 netconf.restconf-nb-bierman02 bundle does not start
  • NETCONF-514 Spurious reads before put in 8040 implementation across a mounted resource
  • NETCONF-510 Fix netconf-tcp and netconf-ssh activators
  • NETCONF-509 RPCs that take no input should throw RestconfDocumentedException instead of bare IllegalStateException when invoked

Known Issues

  • List key known issues with workarounds
    • None


  • List of features/APIs which are EOLed, deprecated, and/or removed in this release
    • None


Release Mechanics