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NEtwork MOdeling(NEMO)

Major Features

  • odl nemo rest provides an abstracted intent model whose target is to enable network users/applications to describe their intent in an intuitive way without caring about the underlying physical network.
  • nemo engine is the core module of NEMO project, which releases the mapping from intent to physical network. It includes two import process: intent-virtual network(VN) and virtual network-physical network(PN).
  • openflow renderer is a sourthbound render to translate the mapping result of VN-PN to flow table in devices supporting for openflow protocol.
  • cli render is also a sourthbound render to translate the mapping result of VN-PNinto forwarding table in devices supporting for traditional protocol.
  • nemo engine ui is reponsible for showing the status of physical network, intent, generated virtual network and mapping result of VN-PN, which facilitate users to understand better the intent handling process if they want to.

NEMO Engine UI


Security Considerations

  • There are no security issues found.

Quality Assurance


  • Nothing beyond general OpenDaylight migration requirements.


  • Nothing beyond general OpenDaylight compatibility constraints.

Bugs Fixed

Known Issues

  • For using openflow-renderer, requiring special switch to construct physical network. The install guide is in Other virtual switch, such as, ovs, will be support in future OpenDaylight version.
  • For using cli-renderer, the physical network should be constructed with HuaWei’s device: NE40E. More devices will be considered in the future OpenDaylight versions.


  • Nothing deprecated, EOL.


  • N/A

Release Mechanics

  • Project was on schedule