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TTP CLI Tools Developer Guide


Table Type Patterns are a specification developed by the Open Networking Foundation to enable the description and negotiation of subsets of the OpenFlow protocol. This is particularly useful for hardware switches that support OpenFlow as it enables the to describe what features they do (and thus also what features they do not) support. More details can be found in the full specification listed on the OpenFlow specifications page.

The TTP CLI Tools provide a way for people interested in TTPs to read in, validate, output, and manipulate TTPs as a self-contained, executable jar file.

TTP CLI Tools Architecture

The TTP CLI Tools use the TTP Model and the YANG Tools/RESTCONF codecs to translate between the Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) and JSON/XML.

Command Line Options

This will cover the various options for the CLI Tools. For now, there are no options and it merely outputs fixed data using the codecs.