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CAPWAP Developer Guide


The Control And Provisioning of Wireless Access Points (CAPWAP) plugin project aims to provide new southbound interface for controller to be able to monitor and manage CAPWAP compliant wireless termination point (WTP) network devices. The CAPWAP feature will provide REST based northbound APIs.

CAPWAP Architecture

The CAPWAP feature is implemented as an MD-SAL based provider module, which helps discover WTP devices and update their states in the MD-SAL operational datastore.

CAPWAP APIs and Interfaces

This section describes the APIs for interacting with the CAPWAP plugin.

Discovered WTPs

The CAPWAP project maintains list of discovered CAPWAP WTPs that is YANG-based in MD-SAL. These models are available via RESTCONF.

API Reference Documentation

Go to http://${ipaddress}:8181/apidoc/explorer/index.html, sign in, and expand the capwap-impl panel. From there, users can execute various API calls to test their CAPWAP deployment.