2023.03 Argon Platform Upgrade

This document describes the steps to help users upgrade from Chlorine to Argon planned platform. Refer to Managed Snapshot Integrated (MSI) project upgrade patches for more information and hints for solutions to common problems not explicitly listed here.


JDK 17 Version

2023.03 Argon requires Java 17, both during compile-time and run-time. Make sure to install JDK 17 corresponding to at least openjdk-17.0.5, and that the JAVA_HOME environment variable points to the JDK directory.

Version Bump

Before performing platform upgrade, do the following to bump the odlparent versions (for example, bump-odl-version):

  1. Update the odlparent version from 11.0.4 to 12.0.3. There should not be any reference to org.opendaylight.odlparent, except for 12.0.3. This includes custom feature.xml templates (src/main/feature/feature.xml), the version range should be “[12,13)” instead of “[11,12)”, “[5.0.3,6)” or any other variation.

bump-odl-version odlparent 11.0.4 12.0.3
  1. Update the direct yangtools version references from 9.0.6 to 10.0.4, There should not be any reference to org.opendaylight.yangtools, except for 10.0.4. This includes custom feature.xml templates (src/main/feature/feature.xml), the version range should be “[10,11)” instead of “[9,10)”.

bump-odl-version yangtools 9.0.6 10.0.4
  1. Update the MD-SAL version from 10.0.6 to 11.0.7. There should not be any reference to org.opendaylight.mdsal, except for 11.0.7.

bump-odl-version mdsal 10.0.6 11.0.7
  1. Update the Controller version from 6.0.7 to 7.0.4. There should not be any reference to org.opendaylight.controller, except for 7.0.4.

bump-odl-version controller 6.0.7 7.0.2
  1. Update the InfraUtils version from 4.0.4 to 5.0.3. There should not be any reference to org.opendaylight.infrautils, except for 5.0.3.

bump-odl-version infrautils 4.0.4 5.0.1
  1. Update the AAA version from 0.16.7 to 0.17.7. There should not be any reference to org.opendaylight.aaa, except for 0.17.7.

bump-odl-version aaa 0.16.7 0.17.3
  1. Update the NETCONF version from 4.0.5 to 5.0.4. There should not be any reference to org.opendaylight.netconf, except for 5.0.4.

bump-odl-version netconf 4.0.5 5.0.1

Install Dependent Projects

Before performing platform upgrade, users must also install any dependent project. To locally install a dependent project, pull and install the respective argon-mri changes for any dependent project.

Perform the following steps to save time when locally installing any dependent project:

  • For quick install:

mvn -Pq clean install
  • If previously installed, go offline and/or use the no-snapshot-update option.

mvn -Pq -o -nsu clean install

Upgrade the ODL Parent

The following sub-section describes how to upgrade to the ODL Parent version 12. Refer to the ODL Parent Release Notes for more information.


Any version range referencing version 11 of ODL Parent must be changed to “[12,13)” for ODL Parent 12.

<feature name="odl-infrautils-caches">
    <feature version="[12,13)">odl-guava</feature>

ODL Parent Impacts

Upstream declarations removed

The declaration of Enunciate, both dependencies and maven plugin has been removed.

JavaDoc HTML5 opt-out removed

Support for opting out from HTML5 JavaDocs has been removed. JavaDocs are always generated in HTML5.

ANTLR updated to 4.11.x

The ANTLR declaration has been bumped to 4.11.1. While the version change would seem to indicate a backwards-update, this is not the case: all ANTLR grammars need to be recompiled with the new version. Any grammar from older ANTLR versions will not work.

YANG Tools Impacts

EffectiveStatementNamespace removed

EffectiveStatementNamespace and its specializations have been removed, as was the ability for EffectiveStatement to address any namespace. Each namespace has been converted to a specific access method, for example DataTreeAwareEffectiveStatement.DataTreeNamespace is now exposed via DataTreeAwareEffectiveStatement.dataTreeNodes() and DataTreeAwareEffectiveStatement.findDataTreeNode(). See YANGTOOLS-1459 for details.

yang.model.api.SchemaPath removed

SchemaPath is one of the oldest constructs with thoroughly inadequate and confusing semantics. Previous releases have gradually removed use of this construct. This release finally removes it. See YANGTOOLS-1236 for details.

MD-SAL Impacts

yang.binding.Enumeration renamed to yang.binding.EnumTypeObject

In order to prevent potential confusion with java.util.Enumeration, the base interfaces for classes generated for type enumeration YANG construct has been changed to EnumTypeObject.

Introduced yang.binding.BitsTypeObject

Classes generated for type bits YANG construct have now implement a common interface BitsTypeObject. This interface allows for unified access to the value as a boolean[] vector as well as valid bit names. See MDSAL-743 for details.

Component bits are now mapped to primitive boolean

Individual bits within a type bits value are now exposed as a primitive boolean rather than a Boolean object. This provides for a better mapping, eliminating boxing as well as the problem of having a three-state (true, false and null) components. See MD-744 for details.

Naming of action-defined input and output statements

The naming of interfaces generated for input and output statements defined within an action statement has been changed to follow the same naming as those defined within an rpc statement. See MDSAL-744 for details.

DOMRpcService operates on ContainerNode

DOM interfaces related to RPC invocation, DOMRpcResult, DOMRpcService and DOMRpcImplementation have all been updated to operate on ContainerNode rather than plain NormalizedNode. This constitutes a change in API, but for most users this just ends up codifying their expectations. See MDSAL-541 for details.

Controller Impacts

Deprecated ask-based protocol

Historic ask-based protocol has been superseded by tell-based protocol, which in turn is enabled by default. This release will produce a deprecation warning when ask-based protocol is enabled. See CONTROLLER-2053 for details.

Cross-datastore transactions are no longer supported

The ability to modify OPERATIONAL and CONFIGURATION datastores in the same transaction has been removed. Any attempt to have a transaction access both datastores will result in an exception See CONTROLLER-2055 for details.

Improved datastore access and persistence protocols

Serialization formats for intra-node messages and sal-akka-raft journal entries have been improved, in some cases by more than 60%. See CONTROLLER-2051, CONTROLLER-2056 and CONTROLLER-2058 for details.