Persistence and Backup

Set Persistence Script

This script is used to enable or disable the config datastore persistence. The default state is enabled but there are cases where persistence may not be required or even desired. The user should restart the node to apply the changes.


The script can be used at any time, even before the controller is started for the first time.


bin/ <on/off>


bin/ off

The above command will disable the config datastore persistence.

Backing Up and Restoring the Datastore

The same cluster-admin API described in the cluster guide for managing shard voting states has an RPC allowing backup of the datastore in a single node, taking only the file name as a parameter:

POST  /restconf/operations/cluster-admin:backup-datastore


POST  /rests/operations/cluster-admin:backup-datastore

RPC input JSON:

  "input": {
    "file-path": "/tmp/datastore_backup"


This backup can only be restored if the YANG models of the backed-up data are identical in the backup OpenDaylight instance and restore target instance.

To restore the backup on the target node the file needs to be placed into the $KARAF_HOME/clustered-datastore-restore directory, and then the node restarted. If the directory does not exist (which is quite likely if this is a first-time restore) it needs to be created. On startup, ODL checks if the journal and snapshots directories in $KARAF_HOME are empty, and only then tries to read the contents of the clustered-datastore-restore directory, if it exists. So for a successful restore, those two directories should be empty. The backup file name itself does not matter, and the startup process will delete it after a successful restore.

The backup is node independent, so when restoring a 3 node cluster, it is best to restore it on each node for consistency. For example, if restoring on one node only, it can happen that the other two empty nodes form a majority and the cluster comes up with no data.