Developed on OpenDaylight, the NetVirt (Network Virtualization) application consists of modular sub-services, including network protocols L2, L3, ACL, NAT, DHCP, QOS, IPv6 control, etc.

Behavior/Feature Changes

No behaviour change in this release.

New Features

  • Feature Name: No new or modified features in this release.

  • Feature URL: odl-netvirt-openstack

  • Feature Description: NetVirt is a network virtualization solution that includes the following components:

    • Open vSwitch-based virtualization for software switches.

    • Hardware VTEP for hardware switches.

    • Service function chaining support within a virtualized environment.

    • Support for OVS and DPDK-accelerated.

    • OVS datapaths, L3VPN (BGPVPN), EVPN, ELAN, distributed L2 and L3, NAT and Floating IPs, IPv6, Security Groups, MAC and IP learning.

  • Top Level: Yes

  • User Facing: Yes

  • Experimental: No

  • CSIT Test: NetVirt CSIT

Deprecated Features

No features has been deprecated in this release.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues fixed this release.




Unblock the netvirt CSIT NAT exception

Netvirt L3VPN Improvements

Create l3vpn & asso with ext-nw failed

Netvirt Improvements

Remove unneeded osgi-core dependencies

Netvirt Improvements

Migrate JdkFutures users

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.