LISP Flow Mapping


LISP (Locator ID Separation Protocol) Flow Mapping service provides mapping services, including LISP Map-Server and LISP Map-Resolver services that store and serve mapping data to dataplane nodes and to OpenDaylight applications. Mapping data can include mapping of virtual addresses to physical network addresses where the virtual nodes are reachable or hosted. Mapping data can also include a variety of routing policies including traffic engineering and load balancing. To leverage this service, OpenDaylight applications and services can use the northbound REST API to define the mappings and policies in the LISP Mapping Service. Dataplane devices capable of LISP control protocol can leverage this service through a southbound LISP plugin. LISP-enabled devices must be configured to use this OpenDaylight service, since their Map- Server and/or Map-Resolver.

Southbound LISP plugin supports the LISP control protocol (that is, Map-Register, Map-Request, Map-Reply messages). It can also be used to register mappings in the OpenDaylight mapping service.

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