The Distribution project is the placeholder for the ODL karaf distribution. The project currently generates 3 artifacts:

Distribution Artifacts



Managed distribution (e.g., karaf-<version>.tar.gz)

This includes the managed projects in OpenDaylight (refer to, Managed Release).

Common distribution (e.g., opendaylight-<version>.tar.gz)

This includes managed and self-managed projects (refer to, Managed Release).

ONAP distribution (e.g., onap-karaf-<version>.tar.gz)

This is the distribution used in the ONAP CCSDK project.

The distribution project is also the placeholder for the distribution scripts. Example of these scripts:

Behavior/Feature Changes

No behavior or feature changes in this release.

New Features

New yangtools and mdsal experimental features. For more details check both projects information.

Deprecated Features

No deprecated features in this release.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues fixed this release.




RFC7950 violation log messages in karaf.log

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.