BGP Plugin

The OpenDaylight controller provides an implementation of BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), which is based on RFC 4271) as a south-bound protocol plugin. The implementation renders all basic BGP speaker capabilities, including:

Inter/Intra-AS peering * Routes advertising * Routes originating * Routes storage

The plugin’s north-bound API (REST/Java) provides to user:

  • Fully dynamic runtime standardized BGP configuration

  • Read-only access to all RIBs

  • Read-write programmable RIBs

  • Read-only reachability/linkstate topology view

PCEP Plugin

The OpenDaylight Path Computation Element Communication Protocol (PCEP) plugin provides all basic service units necessary to build-up a PCE-based controller. Defined by RFC 8231, PCEP offers LSP management functionality for Active Stateful PCE, which is the cornerstone for majority of PCE-enabled SDN solutions. It consists of the following components:

  • Protocol library

  • PCEP session handling

  • Stateful PCE LSP-DB

  • Active Stateful PCE LSP Operations

Behavior/Feature Changes

This release introduces no behavioral changes.

New Features

There were no new features added.

Deprecated Features

This release did not deprecate any features.

Resolved Issues

The following table lists the resolved issues fixed this release.




Propagate only negotiated afi/safi routes to adj-rib-out


Deadlock encountered between PCEP session mgmt and stats collection threads


Algo Path Computation - Bandwidth constraint computation and class-type


Path Computation crashes


Path Computation Segment Routing NAI is not conform


PCEP does not explain lack of TCP-MD5 availability


BGP: Exception encountered during shutdown


Non ipv4 advertising peer causes BGP session flaps


Update PCEP code to latest RFC


Graph Documentation Errors


Path computation overrides units


Graph-impl is performing cross-datastore transactions

Known Issues